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Tommorrow = halloween dance

EVERYONE is stoked for it. mostly 'cause it gives the girls a chance to dress up as skanks, and the guys well, i havent heard anything about what they think, but im sure that they're pretty excited too...

so anyway, originally i wasnt going to wear a costume, but then when i went home i was like "hey why dont i just take my dress pattern and make a red dress". i ran that idea by a friend of mine, and she was like "nah dont go as a woman in a red dress, go as...Ms.Scarlet from clue or something."

So thats what im going as...I'm pretty excited, i sniped a sick pair of scarlet shoes and a really pretty red see-through shall thingy from the costume room at school (don't worry i got permission...) but yeah, lets see if i can pull this together b4 8:00pm tommorrow...seeing as i haven't started sewing it yet...butbut i cut out all the pieces!!!
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